Why do we need to boycott Chinese products?

We do not call for boycotting Chinese products to harm the people of China but we should actually do it to save the world from new form of imperialism, economic imperialism. The way Chinese regime is getting stronger day by day, it is going to have an irreversible impact on mankind. China getting stronger is not a problem in general but it becomes a danger as it is not a democratic but an authoritarian regime, where the Chinese government is not accountable to the public.

Unable to boycott China is same as unable to give up alcohol. A drinker knows very well that, alcohol is harming body, yet is unable to stop drinking. Are we that addicted to Chinese products? If yes, no one can stop the world from being enslaved to a regime with no human rights. This addiction to Chinese products is a cancer for the economy. We should undergo harsh therapy to recover. It is certain, the economy will feel an initial jolt but it will form a stronger base for future.

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