Is it possible to boycott Chinese products?

Larger question lies in the fact that “Is it really possible to boycott cheap Chinese products?” The answer to this is “YES”. If you are looking to do this quickly is a day or two, then it’s impossible. We need a long term vision to fight with Chinese merciless firms. Even China did not rise to current status in a week or so, It took more than 30 years for China to rise to current status. then can we think of fight such a might so quickly. It has to be in a phased manner.

We should start by first boycotting those products which we can easily find alternative for. For example, software to start with. We are a country with one of the largest and brightest software developers, can we not have an alternative to what Chinese firms are providing. I don’t think it’s at all difficult. There are even day to day uses products which can be easily substituted for by local sources. Why do we need shiny idols ( produced by people with no faith in it) to worship? Why we need Chinese lights for Diwali, just because it looks good? We need to think over, what is more important for us, our national security or our addiction to cheap Chinese products.

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