DesiLo – Empowering local purchase

DesiLo is designed to encourage you in purchasing locally manufactured good. When you purchase products from your nearby market, it is easy to find where the product is manufactured but it becomes difficult when you make an online purchase. With DesiLo, you can easily find these details and you can make a decision before making your purchase.

We have divided the purchases in 3 categories:

Red Purchase:

If any product is manufactured in China and the associated brand is also a Chinese brand, you should avoid such a purchase. Your buy now button becomes red for such a purchase. You should always look for an alternative for such purchases or even avoid using such product if alternative is not available and it is not necessary to use it.

Yellow Purchase:

Any product with either having product origin in China or brand origin in China is flagged as yellow purchase. It is always preferred to go for a green purchase where both brand and product origin is India or the purchase where product is sourced by any brand other than Chinese and product is also non-chinese.

Green Purchase:

Green purchases are proud purchases where our money is being used for growth of our economy more than any other purchase. In this case, the product is manufactured in India by an Indian brand. Your green purchase is providing jobs to your fellow brothers and sisters helping them to raise their economical status. Such purchases are marked by green purchase buttons.

Other Purchase:

These purchases involves countries other than China. If any product is sourced by any brand other than a Chinese brand or the product is made in any country other than china, it’s a purchase marked by blue colour button. It is okay to go with such purchases if you support true globalization.

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